<wv-field-html/>. Provides the ability to render the html field type of an Erp Entity. Can be used to render other html based form values.


Important: All <wv-field-*> helpers inherit a "base tag helper" properties. In the following list are presented only the properties that this tag helper adds or alters. Not all base tag helper properties can be implemented by this tag helper too.

name description

object type: HtmlUploadMode

default value: HtmlUploadMode.None

is required: FALSE

Editor allows user's to upload images or files that they use during the HTML creating. This property manages their storage. Options are: None, SiteRepository. "None" will not allow files to be uploaded from the editor.


object type: HtmlToolbarMode

default value: HtmlToolbarMode.Basic

is required: FALSE

Manages the editor's toolbar button configurations. Options are: Basic, Standard, Full


<wv-field-html value="@value"></wv-field-html>