Create a new Render Hook

It is very easy to create a render hook, so other plugins can attach and inject html in its placeholder. To do that just paste a code in a Razor view, very similarly to including a view component via a tag helper.


The hook supports the following properties, which will be also provided as parameters to all attached methods:

name description

object type: dynamic

default value: null

is required: TRUE

Any specific model you want to provide to the hook attachments. Useful when you loop through items in a list and want to provide the current item


object type: BaseErpPageModel

default value: new BaseErpPageModel()

is required: TRUE

The current page model.


object type: string

default value: string.Empty

is required: TRUE

An unique name defining the position

IMPORTANT: In our application master page there are already render hooks included for: head-top, head-bottom,body-toop, body-bottom.


Paste the following code in a Razor view:

<vc:render-hook placeholder="head-top" page-model="@Model"  model="null"></vc:render-hook>