Create entity field

Service Side API

The API class that is needed for entity, entity meta and field creation is EntityManager with its CreateField method. To initiate this, you need to be in Administrator role. You can create an entity with a code similar to:

Guid entityId = Guid.Empty; // <<< Replace with the target entity Id
InputField newFieldObject = null; // <<< Replace with an initialized object

FieldResponse response = new EntityManager().CreateField(entityId, newFieldObject);



To initiate this web request, you need to be in Administrator role.

HTTP request
POST https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/api/v3/en_US/meta/entity/{Id}/field
Query parameters
name description

object type: Guid

default value: NULL

is required: TRUE

Id of the target entity

Request body

You need to post a InputField object as a request body.

Request response

If successful, this method returns a response JSON with the following structure:

  "timestamp": "2014-03-03T23:20:23Z",
  "success": false,
  "message": "Aliqua anim consequat amet cupidatat proident amet amet.",
  "errors": [
      "key": "fieldName",
      "value": "evaluated value",
      "message": "Error message"
  "object": {
	/// The newly created entity

Web interface

Important: This page describes a process of creating an entity using the WebVella SDK Plugin web interface

Step 1: Navigate to the SDK Application
Step 2: Select from the Objects top menu -> Entities
Step 3: Select the target entity from the list
Step 4: Select the "Fields" tab
Step 5: Press the "Create Field" button
Step 6: Select the field type you need to create

Field Create

Step 6: Press the "Create Field" button