This tag helper sets an active class to the element, if the current ViewContext.RouteData.Values["page"].ToString().ToLowerInvariant(), regexed equals the string from asp-page attribute(trimmed, lowercased). If no asp-page attribute present, href is similarly checked.


name description

html target: attribute

object type: has no value

default value: none

is required: TRUE

Just the attribute is required. It has no value needed.

asp-page or href

html target: attribute

object type: string

default value: String.Empty

is required: TRUE

This attribute is required to be present. If not active class will not be assigned.


<a wv-active-page-equals asp-page='/dev/base-plugin/api/index'>Api Index Page</a>
<a wv-active-page-equals href='/dev/base-plugin/api/index'>Api Index Page</a>