<wv-field-datasource/>. This is a specific tag helper, that provides a way to easily submit JSON schemas for datasource or code based value calculation. Used mostly in the PageCompoment's Options forms.


Important: All <wv-field-*> helpers inherit a "base tag helper" properties. In the following list are presented only the properties that this tag helper adds or alters. Not all base tag helper properties can be implemented by this tag helper too.

name description

object type: Guid?

default value: NULL

is required: FALSE

The ID of the page from which module the data will be extracted/calculated


object type: string

default value: emtpy.string

is required: FALSE

A JSON string value is expected, which will be parsed / deserialized to DataSourceVariable model


<wv-field-datasource value="@value" page-id="@pageId"></wv-field-datasource>